July 11, 2014

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Quote of the Day

“‘Trends’ (from Twitter) provides an algorithmic gloss of our aggregate social data practices that can always be read/misread as censorship.  If #occupywallstreet is not trending, that could mean any of the following: (a) it is being deliberately censored (b) it is actually less popular than one might think (c) it is very popular but consistently so, not a spike (d) it is popular and spiking, but not in a way the algorithm is designed to measure (e) it is popular and spiking, but not as much as some pop culture phenomena that has crowded it off the list (f) it is popular and important, but not as popular as the pop culture phenomena that have been strategically gamed onto the list (g) it has not Trended because it has not Trended, thereby not enjoying the amplification Trends itself offers.  However, we are unable to know for certain.  Not only are the criteria opaque and the archive proprietary, we also have no benchmark against which to compare the results.”  Tarleton Gillespie: “Can an Algorithm Be Wrong?” http://limn.it/can-an-algorithm-be-wrong/.

This Day in History

Six hundred nine years ago, Ming Dynasty sailor Zheng He set sail to explore the world; two hundred seventy-four years back, ‘Little Russia,’ AKA Ukraine, expelled most Jews; two hundred twenty-five years ago, the events leading to the sacking of the Bastille unfolded with the dismissal of France’s finance minister; two hundred eight years before the present, Aaron Burr shot Alexander Hamilton in a duel, fatally wounding him; one hundred twenty-five years back, Tijuana, Mexico incorporated; one hundred nineteen years prior to the here-and-now, the Lumierre Brothers first demonstrated moving pictures; a hundred eight years ago, the murder took place on which Theodore Dreiser based An American Tragedy; ninety-three years back, the Soviet Red Army established the Peoples Republic of Mongolia; seventy-one years prior to this point in time, Ukrainian Nazis massacred Poles and others in Galicia; fifty-four years ago, To Kill a Mockingbird was first available; fifty-two years back, the first trans-Atlantic satellite television broadcast happened; forty-three years ago, President Salvador Allende nationalized Chile’s copper mines, leading to coup plots aplenty, the culmination of which was his murder and the ‘disappearance’ of tens of thousands of Chileans by CIA-financed and organized killers: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/July_11.



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07/10/2014 – 5:40pm

The United Auto Workers today announced the formation of a Local 42 union to provide representation for auto workers at Volkswagen’s plant in Chattanooga. No workers will be required to join.



  • http://hyperlocalsurvey.wordpress.com/  A portal to a detailed and enlightening report from England about the status of ‘hyperlocal news outlets’ there and the issues, problems, and prospects of such work.
  • http://www.brookings.edu/blogs/fixgov/posts/  A Brookings Institution blog about a new report on ‘news literacy’ and the hopes that it holds out for democratic media and grassroots reportage: “If professionals are less and less able to vet information, perhaps consumers can do it themselves.  Perhaps, in any case, they’ll have to, because no one else will.  The idea of news literacy is to equip young people, in college or even high school, with more of the skills that used to be the domain of professionals. “Every student in America should acquire the critical thinking skills of a journalist,” Klurfeld and Schneider write (their emphasis).”

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