Announcements & Ideas for the Equinox

Your friendly and mellow—in an intense kind of way—Chapter Chair, with Manu Chao in the background, was sitting and thinking about the National Writers Union.  I wanted to send just a quick note about a few things.



The first concerns the initial installment of what will at the outset be a monthly radio program, Solidarity Forever, which will be available live at 11:00 this Sunday on BlogTalk Radio  and as a Podcast soon thereafter on our lovely little website:  Folks are welcome to listen in, call in, or send ideas for what to say in the course of thirty brief minutes.

The At-Large Chapter is sponsoring the program, at the same time that whatever fun and foolishness occur on air are my responsibility.  Basically, our union is participating in the creation of a space for explication, documentation, and dialog, matters that might be close to the hearts of most writers.



This weekend is the People’s Climate March.  Quite a few items from the Daily Links this week concerned this arguably important gathering.  I particularly recommend this one, based on a recent monograph by Naomi Klein. An IndyPendent briefing about a new book by Naomi Klein and intervied with the author about the falseness of substantial portions of the present ‘organizing’ around climate change: “This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, Klein’s much-anticipated new book, is both surprisingly hopeful and deeply personal as she deftly weaves in her story of struggling to conceive her first child while researching the potential collapse of the natural world. In the book, Klein challenges everyone who cares about climate change to strive for a seemingly impossible redistribution of political and economic power. This, she argues, is both necessary and offers the prospect of living in a more just and humane society than the one we know today.”



Finally, among the plus or minus four hundred cool and useful and at least occasionally essential citations and linkages that appeared this week in the Daily Links section of the website were the following three.  I point them out because most writers like the prospect of decent work chances; they have an interest in improving their craft; they feel a desire to keep up with critical events that often enough, in corporate media, either receive short shrift or elicit such distorted representation that something like the exact opposite of understanding is the result.

For those of us who have an interest in opportunities, self-improvement, and useful knowledge, a regular Daily Links habit would be a dandy idea(  And the chances to make helpful connections increase apace as well.

#1— An invitation to apply for one of plus-or-minus sixteen fellowships–funded at $60,000-110,000–that support social justice, half of which will assist advocacy efforts and half of which will facilitate media work, all of which will require writers.(Due after October 1; first mentioned in Daily Links two months back).

#2– An introduction from Library of Congress to an absolutely mandatory tool, for every single non-fiction writer–without a single exception–and many other scribes besides, Congress.Gov, to which each NWU member might consider subscribing for free.

#3– Whew! A profferal from Forbidden Knowledge TV that is one of those ‘got-to-see-it-to-believe-it’ items, an RT documentary excerpt, “American Democracy: Murder Spies & Voting Lies,” that will convince any who see it whose souls are not already bought and sold.


And that, as the saying goes is that.  Don’t y’all be strangers.  Solidarity Forever!

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