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The Story of the World Organization of Writers

The World Organization of Writers, WOW, consists of writers from most of the fifty states, Puerto Rico, and nations from around the globe.

While we are not geographically proximate to each other, we utilize the magic of words and the marvels of technology to create a community that is actual as well as virtual.

With the launching of this website and in other ways, we are planning to help foment a progressive writers resurgence like that upsurge of spirituality in the ‘Great Awakening.’ The times in which we live seem to call for such a great vision, in any case. Please, join us.

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Advantages of World Organization of Writers Membership

  • Free Participation in Classes, Courses, & Forums
  • Members-Only Contests With Cash Prizes
  • Free Listings in the Marketplace
  • Free Listings in Our Online ‘Hire-a-Writer’ Storefront
  • Free Uploads in the Writer E-book & Book Markets
  • A Chance to Publish Through the WordPress Portal
  • Access to a Worldwide Job-&-Hiring Network
  • Possible Insurance & Other Services Discounts
  • Opportunities to Be Successful & Powerful Through the Power of Solidarity
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