Community Groups/Grassroots Organizations

Community Groups/Grassroots Organizations—Labor Issues

  •  Association for Union Democracy advocates for union participatory democracy throughout North America, covering a wide variety of issues that might impede or otherwise harm workers’ rights to participate and run their own unions.
  •  The Canadian Association of Labor Media offers visitors an overview of the union voice in Canada, including links and current events.
  • The Holt Labor Library might holt LogoMedmake everyone in a union-state-of-mind want to move to the Bay Area; its links and network portals are, without question, the gold-standard for these sorts of connections.
  •  The Highlander Research and Education Center has a lot more on its plate now that labor issues alone, but both in terms of its history and its current action and learning agendas, it recognizes the key role of a strong labor movement based on solidarity and organization among the unorganized.
  •  Internation Labor Communications Associationg seeks to interconnect and make widely available union papers and other media to the public, journalists, public intellectuals, and so forth.
  •  Labor Net seeks both to bring together labor activists in practical discussion of priorities and agendas, and to provide news and information and resources about organizing, other campaigns, and critical problems that confront labor now.logoLNet
  •  Labor Notes pulls together scholars, activists, journalists, organizers, and others to express their views, debate, and ponder possibilities about moving unions and workers forward.
  • The Labor Project for Working Families addresses the critical domain of working parents and the essential need to provide a ‘family-friendly’ work environment so that such mothers and fathers do not force choices between keeping a job and caring for a child.
  • Radical Economics and Labor, a recent monogrpah, combines case studies with state-of-the-art thinking about community-based labor struggles that integrate traditional labor unions, unorganized workers, and radical intellectuals.
  •  United Association for Labor Education has both one of the best analytical frames for examining issues important to social justice as well as unions and it conveys a massive amount of links and networks and potential collaborations on every visit.

Community Groups/Grassroots Organizations—Sociopolitical Issues

  •  Feministes-Radicales Hopper seamstress2offers deep analysis and practical advice to women and their allies among men with brains: “Remember; Resist; Do Not Comply.”
  • This openly Marxist portal will prove invaluable to all writers, researchers, or activists who don’t let labels frighten them.
  • This University of Memphis student group would prove an anathema to many trade unionists; not so this humble correspondent, who absolutely welcomes and insists on “From All Sides” discussion, debate, analysis, planning, and so on and so forth, even from relatively inactive sites.
  •  The People’s Agenda Coalition, convened by Dr. Joseph Lowery in Atlanta, provides a forum for labor, social groups, civil rights groups, academics, and others to come together to discuss what actions to plan and what conversations to have about creating a society at once more vibrant and more just.
  •  Not for the faint of heart, Popular Resistance imagines making democracy a reality, which means participation and action that will require both courage and a willingness to go outside established boundaries of what is ‘civil.’
  • The Poverty & Race Research Action Counsel provides ongoing series and occasional studies that deal with core issues—housing, education, jobs, wealth, and so forth—and show the unshakeable empirical basis for standing for equality, equity, social justice, etc.
  •  Project South envisions its struggle as the attempt to “eliminate poverty and genocide,” focusing on developing young leaders, providing training in planning and organizing, and more, with a special focus on the Southern U.S.
  •  Rainbow Push works from the bottom up; its civil rights, activist roots guarantee useful potential connection with labor campaigns in mutliple ways.
  • A radical feminist collective that offers analysis, data, and action-networking opportunities, Radical Women is not shy about telling things precisely as its members see the world.
  •  Greenworld presents “news and views and musings for our nuclear free, carbon free energy future.”
  • A frankly revolutionary and stoutly anti-sectarian organization of thinkers and activists and writers who want fundamental social transformation, Solidarity offers varied resources, perspectives, data, and anaylis possibly useful to both writers and believers in a union way.
  •  United for a Fair Economy “supports and helps build social movements for greater equality,” focusing especially on racial disparities.
  • This blog critically and deeply examines the Prison Industrial Complex and its deletorious impact on possibilities of empowerment, democracy, and justice.
  • The Worker’s World organization is close to as radical as is possible in the United States, giving analysis, evidence, and activist punch wherever the organization is present.Picture 19
  •  Zinn Education Project seeks toadvance the lifelong work of Howard Zinn to uncover the ways that understanding the past is critical to empowering the present.

Community Groups/Grassroots Organizations—Media Issues

  •  An archive that is at the same time an organizing, outreach, and study tool, Labor Films is a project of the annual D.C. Labor Film Festival.
  •  Formerly Union Producers & Programmers, Minneapolis Television Network continues to present itself as a workshop and locus for grassroots and union learning of media technique and formation of networks that can promote progressive programming.
  •  New Networks Institute is the brainchild of Bruce Kushnick, who has served as a popular champion of democratic media and telecommunications networks for a quarter century.
  •  Pulse Media represents an almost wholly virtual progressive community featuring the work of academics, activists, and journalists from around the world, welcoming contributions, networking, and linkages from all and sundry whose views revolve around social justice, honest documentation, and economic democracy.
  •  Workers Independent News Service Picture 18offers training in journalism, investigation, and both print and electronic media production, all geared to workers and unions.
  •  Z-Net is at once a virtual plus an actual community and a gathering place in the virtual world for analysis, facts, planning, and campaign development for social justice, economic democracy, peace, and so on ans so forth.

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