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Several times each year, sometimes on its own accord and at other times with one or more co-sponsors, the At-Large chapter organizes or assists in pulling together community gatherings about important issues:


Origins of Radio

‘The Student-Loan Debt Trap;’ ‘The Origins of Radio, Television, & the Internet;’ ‘Energy Choices, Community Voices’ are just a few examples.

We also, both as a chapter and as individual members, can assist any group or community in putting together a powerful, comprehensively researched and documented daylong or longer presentation, discussion, and meeting-in-congress of citizens, as it were.

If your community could use some help with such programming, what are you waiting for?

Recent and Upcoming Events

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We are interested in increasing our database of union-member writers, instructors, etc. Please submit your name, specialty, and your union member number in the comments below, and we will make those available to all site visitors.

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