International Labor Groups & Publications

  •  Canadian Labor Congress has much to proffer labor learning and organizing South of the border.
  • Fair Labor fairlabourAssociation fights for and seeks to insure proper definition and promulgation of decent standards in the world’s workplaces.
  • Global Union acts as a “services and skills” sector union of over 900 worldwide organizations and unions.
  •–en/index.htm International Labor Organization is the United Nations Department of Labor.
  • International Labor Rights Forum is an ongoing project of the ILO that focuses on explicating and giving advice about defending workers’ rights.
  • International Telecommunications Union; less a labor group than a level-playing-field media watchdog, this organization does have various connections with or similarities of interest to transnational labor collectives of one sort or another.
  • Internationa Trade Union Confederation focuses on worldwide lobbying and research and action in favor of labor rights, union rights, and worker power.itf
  • International Transport Workers Federation centers on the key areas of air, sea, and rail travel that is multinational and intercontinental, including work at the world’s seaports and other entry points.
  • Union of International Associations is a research center and network for understanding and tracking international NGO’s and other sorts of groups.
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights; Articles 22-25, dealing with unions and work-related matters, are especially noteworthy.
  • U.S. DOL Bureau of International Labor Affairs represents the U.S. face toward the ILO and other organizations concerned with workers and work.
  • A Fiftieth Anniversary assessment of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that views the process as a “Magna Carta for all humanity,” this text summarizes the vision and ideals of internationalist thinking about decent standards of life and relationship everywhere.

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