Labor/Community Alliances/Campaigns

  • Blue Green alliance connects environmental, community development, and labor organizations and priorities together.
  •! The Carolina Alliance for Fair Employment grew out of the work of Southerner for Economic Justice, which had itself developed in alliance with the Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union.cbtu
  • The Coalition of Black Trade Unionists presents itself as “the fiercely independent voice of Black Trade-Unionists within the union movement.”
  • The Coalition of Labor Union Women aims to empower women to play leading roles in their unions and communities.
  • Community Labor United’s national portal provides data, resources, links, and networking opportunities for envisioning and developing grassroots coalitions and campaigns.
  • Here, folks will find a dated but broad annotated bibliography of materials concerning Community Unionism.
  • Front Range Executive Service Corps, a project initiated by the Denver Area Labor Council, represents one possibly best-practices model for a local/regional coalition among labor and community empowerment and economic justice initiatives.interfaith
  • Interfaith Worker Justice represents various spiritual communities’ alliance with labor unions and pro-labor non-governmental organizations to address economic and workplace issues.
  • An essential, if now dated, introduction to Living Wage Campaigns, this White Paper contextualizes and then analyzes the Living Wage movement.
  •  Jobs With Justice seeks to bring together labor, community, students, and faith elements into campaigns that address wide-ranging community, workplace, and organizing essentials.
  •  Organized Power combines the qualities of a ‘thinktank’ with the attributes of an activist coalition.
  • A book and a movement, Amanda Tattersall’s Power in Coalition advances the argument that workplace, bread-and-butter organizing cannot have much chances of success, whereas broader-based conglomerations can coalesce and win.
  • A “UNITE HERE!” and Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual-Transgender alliance site, this portrays a vocal and active element of many community coalitions.
  • The Sydney Hillman logoFoundation aggregates the best work and thinking of the former head of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America.
  • United Campus Workers is a Tennessee organization that has the potential either to unite with or replace other unions that are less radical, analytical, community-based than is this project of the Communication Workers of America; adjuncts from both Mississippi and Texas easily might merit their own spot on the list.
  • UNITE HERE! is both a union and a coalition dedicated to community power and political transformation.
  •  Seeking to make subsidies more accountable is job number one at this thinktank, which is rich in both general empirical data and specific information about particular states and their programs.
  • Working for America Institute emanates from the AFL-CIO and provides research and resources that promote economic democracy and grassroots empowerment.

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