Meta-Data Sites, Aggregators


  • Alternet is another of the ‘center-left’ streams of interesting, insightful, not too dangerous materials, with plenty of spice and pizazz here.
  • This British Commonwealth site, Expediencey, represents itself as the most extensive source of labour links on the web in existence, sorted by country and region and more.
  • Fire Dog Lake gathers bloggers, cross-posters, and links to induce conversation, planning, and action around various liberal and radical 24
  • An aggregation of hundreds of thousands of articles and books that users can aggregate and organize according to their individual needs and proclivities, this fee-based locus could be useful to individual and group efforts to keep straight key data, analyses, and so forth.
  • Labor Unions and the Internet is a massive collection of links and portals to websites by, for, and about labor, maintained by Cornell’s School of Industrial Relations.
  • A prominent pro-union law firm, Mooney Green Baker & Saindoni has pulled together an ever expanding set of links, resources, reports, research and more of practical use to labor unions, labor writers, and seekers of social justice.
  •  Labor Resources, mast_leftblwhan amazing list of tools, collections, collectives, and more, is a project of the United Electrical, Radio, & Machine Workers.
  •  Naked Capitalism rocks.  It might belong in other sections of this list, but it conveys so much—about political economy, about scholarship-and-analysis, about news-analysis, about current events, about strategic connections, and more—that putting it here seems to make sense.
  •  Op-Ed News also proffers many gems, but its filters are less rigorous—it lets in the likes of this humble correspondent—and its scope is about as broad as one might imagine, so navigation can be more problematic.
  • This conglomeration of ‘leftist’ links, while far from exhaustive, is a marvelous starting point for networking, outreach, fact-finding, and more.
  •  The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy is an absolutely critical tool for comprehending the current universe.
  •  While the Social Science Research Network does not replace a more open access generally to all results of government-funded research and investigation, it represents a magnificent resource, particularly in the current context of hyper-costly ‘research journals.’

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