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Classes, Popular Education

Many WOW members are, or were, teachers.  We make learning exciting, engaging, and topically connected with community-identified issues.

Other members have trained in Freirian techniques of Popular Education.  We know the difference between a Dialog-Session and a lecture.

Writing Class

Writing Class – K Chinchester (Flickr)

At least a few times a year, we offer online classes that are open to all: subject-matter ranges from ‘Grammar Refreshers’ to Grassroots History, from Peoples Science to Popular Empowerment Strategies, From  History to Youth Activation Sessions. Also we offer ESL, writing, and other language enrichment courses.

Occasionally, we offer actual afternoon, daylong, or weekend seminars on matters of a similarly broad scope.

After all, writers and researchers can find out the juicy details about anything.

That said, if a group, a community, or any kind of organization needs a class on just about any sort of subject, any one of our members can offer useful assistance.  If nothing else, we’re a great sounding board for getting some help, doing some learning, developing a nexus for knowledge and action.


Find a Teacher

Use this link to find an instructor, speaker, or group facilitator

We are interested in increasing our database of member writers, instructors, etc. Please submit your name, specialty, and your union member number in the comments below, and we will make those available to all site visitors.


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