Labor History

historical strikeAny time a thinker or citizen starts to ponder certain topics, all kinds of sticky issues come up. Basically, these areas are the ones in which opinions are likely to diverge. Such problematic types of analysis include stories about workers, about women, about immigrants, about human rights, anything that deals with intense conflicts or other matters on which polarized points of view are likely.

This website is a radical progressive location. Its creators are openly and enthusiastically pro-union. We are also pro-logic and pro-honesty. Thus, the material that follows is mainly scholarship, social science, and rational opinion. By joe hillrational opinion, we mean arguments that have evidence and reasoning to back them up, not just prejudice and self-interest.

That said, the links here lead to data and analysis with a decidedly bottom-up perspective. The works cited are favorably disposed towards a progressive, world-changing agenda. In a sense, this shouldn’t even be necessary to mention—after all both U. S. statutes and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights guarantee the rights of workers to organize independent collective bargaining and political associations.

Anyone who wonders about such things might find the material here interesting, instructive, useful, empowering. Folks should also contact us with their own stories and citations. As an organization of progressive writers, we’re hopeful that we can help to preserve and expand the realm of the real in relation to a true progressive moment in the world.