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educationThe links below are inevitably a partial list for a wide variety of reasons.  That said, many attempts to find useful data, networks, analyses, colleagues, ‘troops,’ and all sorts of related searches might profitably start with this page.

The first three categories are pretty ironclad.  So for the most part are the last two groupings, which delineate useful publications and such, and locations that collect groups of citations of their own.  In between, the listings might readily go in more than one similar category—for instance a ‘Labor/Community Alliance’ might wear an NGO hat and, equally plausibly, fit right in with Community Groups/Grassroots Organizations.

The whole purpose of creating such lists is at least twofold.

solidarity hand

The World Organization of Writers wants to serve its members and other visitors with ways to get material that folks need.  We also want to contribute to growing connections that lead to conversation, contemplation, and action.

For the moment, in the categories for Non-Governmental Organizations and Community Groups, only regional or local efforts will appear that have their primary focus in areas that are part of the bailiwick.  National projects will also show up, of course.

So saying, anyone who has a lead to a useful connection should surely be in touch.  This would be especially welcome in the aforementioned areas that the World Organization of Writers encompasses, as well as in places outside of the United States.  Most such recommended intersections that we receive will go right up on the site.

A note about the annotations is apt.  The author of this list “was born a critic,” in his mother’s words.  He cannot help, therefore, but criticize certain tendencies, even among allies, useful connections, and so forth.  If such critical commentary irritates any reader, this humble correspondent begs forgiveness.  At the same time, such warnings might offer a useful tonic against too rosy a view.

In addition, at a minimum, the list is thin on working class and radical blogs, of which thousands are out there.  Anyone who wants his or her blog listed need only be in touch.  If the work is solidly Solidarity in its orientation, it will gain a spot.

Equally pertinent, if passers-by and colleagues have any other sorts of feedback about the organization here, any suggested additions, conceptualizations, modifications, deletions, we welcome them.  Folks should heed the Southern sign off: “Don’t be strangers.”

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