Topical Community Conversations

Community Conversations

D Rivera12All too often these days, people feel as if their lives are unfolding in spite of what they want, or against everything that they would hope.

They feel frustrated that no one has much more than plenty of complaining to offer in response to their problems.

Hopper bankThey feel isolated and alone even though lots of other people are in their same situation.  They don’t want to listen to a speech; they don’t want to hear a lecture; they don’t want to take a class: what they want and need is a moderated chance to converse with each other about what they might do to improve their difficulties.

The World Organization of Writers, a ‘Union of Communicators,’ can help to moderate, mediate, or otherwise facilitate such a Community Conversation or Dialog Session.

‘How can we solve our problems,’ asks  Chair Jim Hickey, ‘if we don’t create spaces where we can talk about these issues in comprehensive, inclusive, and creative ways?’  The World Organization of Writers is ready to assist in fostering the kind of dialog that can lead to action and change.

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